Block Site


is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Block All The Time-Wasting Websites To Stay Focused On Task


BlockSite extension helps strengthen your online experience by removing all the inappropriate sites. Within a few clicks, you can prevent yourself from the hazardous and malicious sites that may harm your data privacy. You won’t have any idea how hackers have opted for the ways to enter your privacy to threaten you. Apparently, you can sideline all those possible mishappenings with this BlockSite extension. Similarly, you should be careful about your children’s interests and know if they put themselves in some adult content. For instance, you never know which websites they are investing time in when you allow them internet access for educational purposes. By using Block Site, you can keep those distractive websites away from those young minds, affecting their innocence and studies.
Furthermore, You can use and download this fantastic and most favorable tool without paying at all. You will be familiar with this new update that helps you from any cyber threats in the precise read. Let’s explore Block Site and know how to use and download this user-friendly extension flawlessly.

Simple Steps To Download BlockSite

Downloading this amazing extension is a child’s play. You can instantly download BlockSite on your device by following these steps:

  • To start, Click Here to download this extension directly
  • Then, Click on the “ADD TO CHROME” button.
  • Next, Press “ADD EXTENSION” in the pop-up you just got.

You have downloaded the extension, simple, isn’t it? Therefore, it will enable you to block all the unpleasant and harmful sites you don’t want to appear in your system.

How To Use The BlockSite Extension?

If you want to block multiple sites simultaneously, here is the detailed process. Kindly go through this read to make this task easier:

Features That Makes Block Site The Most Useful

Features That Makes Block Site The Most Useful

BlockSite is a single extension that has the power to block numerous sites at once. Therefore, you can keep all the hazardous sites away from your system that could harm your privacy intentionally. Hence, be free by using your preferred website with no interruption. 

You must be thinking if only URLs get blocked or complete domains, so take a chill pill; you will get the entire domain removed, including its alternate as well from the search section. Clean your search engine and get relatable content in the suggestions box while searching. In short, you can filter all the undesirable websites, including their sub-domains, by using BlockSite. 

Worrying about costing, vanish this thought now as the extension is completely free. Heard right; you won’t have to pay even a penny to download and use this utmost user-friendly extension.

You can keep the power to block or unblock the websites in your hands only. For instance, BlockSite allows its users to set a password that no one could get access to block any site as well as they can not unblock the sites that you block. Therefore, keep the entire security under your control while using the extension.

This extension is vastly helpful for the users. You can block multiple sites without investing much time in the process. Furthermore, you need to copy the sites’ URLs you don’t want on your screen again and paste them in the “LOAD SITE” section. You will get all those pasted URLs’ domains, including their sub-domain, blocked. 

 In addition to all the above advantages, you will have the authority to protect your preferred websites from BlockSite. You can create a white list of specific websites so that they won’t get affected by the extension, not even mistakenly. Use this intelligent extension and stay updated with all the favorable features to enhance your online experience. 

This extension will not let you down in any situation. For instance, you have the power to restore the blocked sites. Just copy and paste the websites’ URLs, and the domain gets unblocked in a single click together.

Use BlockSite freely without worrying about privacy. It is the safest tool that helps its users to save time and stay focused on the tasks for a more extended period. It won’t harm your systems’ data and allow you to block or unblock the sites with a few clicks according to the parameters you decide.

In What Situation One Needs To Block Websites?